5 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

5 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

It's time for another Monday - it signals the end of an all-too-short weekend and the start of a grueling week ahead. The dread of Mondays usually begins at the end of Sunday, but there are ways to minimize those Monday morning blues.

Plan Ahead

It is very tempting to dash out of the office at the first opportunity on Friday to get a head start on the weekend, but try to avoid leaving without  clearing your desk. The fewer loose ends you come in to on Monday, the easier your day will be. Before you leave on Friday, organize all the things you need to do the next week and pick out the ones you need to do on Monday. Hopefully, you can choose tasks that you actually like to do for Monday. Your to-do list is done and you will be able to actually enjoy your weekend.

Plan Your Weekend

After the work week, the weekend presents us with opportunities to participate in activities that are fun, enjoyable or relaxing. We look forward to spending time with family, friends or even ourselves. Many times, we cram more in a weekend than we should and are frustrated as Sunday rolls to a close and haven't been able to do everything we hoped to do. Be realistic about your weekend plans.

Wind down

Come Sunday, begin to wind down your weekend and mentally prepare yourself for Monday, gradually eliminating any overactive stimuli and easing into a state of relaxation. It doesn't imply getting yourself into catatonia, but just slowing down the pace with the things you do. Go to bed earlier if you can and wake up 15 minutes later.

Start Monday Early

Instead of waking up on Monday and whipping yourself into a manic state because of all the stuff you have to do - making lunch, making breakfast, deciding what to wear, and the host of other things you have to do - do them on Sunday before you go to bed. You'll be much more relaxed on Monday. And you might even be able to leave home for work early, beat the traffic and actually get settled in at work and productive before the rest of the crew come in.

Snap Out of It

If you wake up on Monday and you still feel like cursing because its just another manic Monday, you need to snap out of it. Don't linger under the sheets - you're only prolonging the inevitable and stretching your time in purgatory. Jump out of bed and head straight for the shower: Start cold if you need that jolt to wake you up. Open the blinds and the sunlight in: the daylight will tell your body it's time to get going. If you need caffeine, well go ahead then - knock yourself out.

Well, there's a sixth thing that will help your Monday go better: You remember the to-do list you made on Friday? Yeah, remember to cross off the things you've completed as you go along. It will make you feel much better about yourself and your day. A great way to start the week....

Happy Monday, y'all!