I Know Why The Cheshire Cat Grins: When ShiFt Happens…30 Lessons on Life, Love and Fear is a poignant collection of 30 thought-provoking essays by author R. Ayité Okyne. Using a very approachable style, each essay uses the nudity and prism of the author’s life to give a unique perspective on some principles for living including forgiveness, envy, jealousy, religion and a lot more. The book celebrates transformations – leaps of faith, and dives of surrender: when shift happens. Avoiding a dogmatic view, the book makes one question and re-think the views on life that one takes for granted, encouraging the reader to “be more” – to shift the paradigm. The recurring refrain is: ‘live the life you love and love the life you live’. Witty, serious, reflective, and tongue-in-cheek in turn, I Know Why The Cheshire Cat Grins is an inspiring read and will keep you thinking – and shifting – long after you put it down. 

“Impossible to exhaust its riches… The reader must be willing to read for understanding and growth.” – André W.

“It provokes thought, but does not tell you what to think...It does cause one to pause, consider, and perhaps rethink a position, a previous outlook, attitude or approach.” - Bobby C.