Sophisticated. Sublime. Events.

At The Lifestyle Maven™, we like to plan events from the end result backwards. From that picture-perfect vision, we fill in all the elements that will bring it alive...appealing to all the senses. With 17 years experience producing major live events, The Lifestyle Maven™ uses an array of techniques from his bag of tricks, together with a myriad elements to create spectacular events that are both simple and elegant.

What Can You Expect from The Lifestyle Maven™?

Personal Attention. The Lifestyle Maven™ can only accept a finite number of event engagements to be able to offer personal service. Please book early to ensure availability.

Detail. In planning an event, it's often the little things that matter. Sometimes, it's the little touches that guests don't consciously notice that have the most impact. The Lifestyle Maven™ has got it all covered for you!

Authenticity. You can rest assured that even with - no, because of - The Lifestyle Maven's magic touch, your event will reflect your individual personality or your brand's persona. But above all, you can expect to have The Lifestyle Maven's unique sense of style an elegance and a commitment to make it work for you. Contact The Lifestyle Maven™ today for a free consultation.

Event production services for:

  • Product launches
  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Wrap parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Galas
  • Award shows
  • ...and much more