In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.
— Coco Chanel

R. Ayité Okyne is The Lifestyle Maven™. Epicurean, event producer, fashionisto, writer, style maven, world adventurer and activist.

From royal African lineage and a long line of diplomats, he has lived in six countries on four continents, visited more than 24 countries and speaks six languages. With a charming perspective that reflects his British, French, Russian and African influences, he is a true citizen of the world.He has an innate sense of style, perfected by experience, exposure and travel, which makes Ayité is the perfect lifestyle personality.

As a personality and lifestyle brand, The Lifestyle Maven™ brings to you a trans-cultural style revolution, merging cultures through a shared appreciation for style. The Lifestyle Maven™ is the quintessence of the new generation of multiculturalist – modern, world-traveled, cosmopolitan, your inveterate metrosexual and trend-setter.