How To Snag A Memorial Day Weekend Getaway On A Budget

If you haven't made plans for Memorial Day Weekend, you're down to the wire, but not completely out of luck to snag some cool travel deals for the first long weekend of summer. Courtesy of AwesomeBookings, here are some tips for finding great deals and some ideas for bargain destinations to go to.

Bundle up. This isn't exactly a novel idea, but when you buy a package vacation (flights+hotel, for example), you could save a pretty penny. This is because when hotels have more vacant rooms than they'd like, they offer them to sites like AwesomeBookings and Expedia at a very deep discount. That way, they don't have to tell you that you got your room for only $20!

The road less traveled by. It's very tempting to stay in the center of the action but the closer you are to the action, the more expensive everything is. If the center of whatever your 'action' is, is easily accessible by public transportation, you could save 20-45% in costs by staying a little farther away. The restaurants, shops and other attractions will also be cheaper. And quainter, if you're into that. For accommodations, you can also try options like Airbnb, Flipkey, Misterbnb, or Homeaway.

Travel savvy. Very often if you can travel a day earlier or later, you could snag some pretty cool deals. Mast people travel on Fridays so a Thursday (even better on Wednesdays) or a Saturday could save you a mint. Also, keep your eye out for last-minute bargains from sites like TravelZoo, Travel Ticker and apps like Hotel Tonight and Skytracker. Shopping around for flights at night could also increase your chances of finding a great deal because that is when the airlines usually push out promotional fares.

With these tips in hand, where would you like to go now? Here are some ideas:

New York City.

Visitors flock to New York City throughout the year but you will have fun regardless. Many 3-star hotels also cut their rates by up to 30% so you might be able to take a bite of the Big Apple. Don't forget to take advantage of the free Memorial Day concerts, films and parade.

Catalina Island.

Off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island offers a lot to do, yet can be very relaxing. Take a ferry there from Long Beach and you will find that between May and October, you will find hotel accommodations up to 60% off the winter rates.

Mayan Riviera.

Just like Catalina Island, the May-October low season comes with lower hotel rates and fewer tourists. Get your water sports on if you're looking for ideas on what to do this Memorial Day!

Las Vegas.

The art of the deal is what Las Vegas is all about and it's one place where dealsabound and Memorial Day is as good a time as any. Whether you want to drink your sanity away, gamble your money away or dance the night away, Las Vegas has got you covered. Look for deals on Groupon.


Even fun-loving Vegas can't quite compete with Miami. Memorial Day weekend brings with it a veritable no-holds-barred bash with about 250,000 party-heads indulging in a booze-soaked bacchanalia full of music, dancing, and lots and lots of skin. Clubs around town host special Memorial Day kick-off parties.

Palm Springs.

As for me, I will be in Palm Springs this year. Here in Los Angeles, pool season has begun in earnest, but in Palm Springs, Memorial Day marks the end of comfortable temperatures in the desert. From here on, the heat will be scorching. The downside is that many of the hotels will have 5-night minimums because the demand is so high. You will have much better luck with Airbnb or Misterbnb.

Here's wishing you a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you're with!